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Why Choose Us?

 When choosing a mediator, it is important for the mediator to have a strong legal background and extensive knowledge of Utah law.

  •  Ray Harding is a full time mediator who has become highly sought after as a result of his ability to facilitate settlement of difficult cases which the parties felt could not be settled. Upon reaching a settlement, the parties and their attorneys review, finalize and sign a Stipulation with the assistance of the mediator and his paralegal. 

  •  Ray Harding earned his law degree from BYU and successfully practiced law in Utah for 17 years before being appointed and working as a district court judge for 7 years and has been mediating cases for the past 17 years. 

  •  Ray Harding’s legal practice over a period of 17 years involved a wide variety of legal issues presented to many judges giving him a unique depth of experience relating to Utah law .

  •  Having served as a judge for 7 years, Ray Harding had the opportunity to make decisions on most types of legal issues. This experience, together with his previous law practice makes Ray Harding an excellent choice to assist you in resolving your dispute.