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Here's why our clients choose to mediate with us:

  •   Mediation provides a WIN-WIN outcome that is not always achievable through litigation and reduces the high cost of legal fees. 

  •  A vast majority of disputes referred to mediation are successfully resolved.

  •  The mediation process eliminates the stress of litigation. 

  • Mediation is less expensive than presenting a case to a judge for determination.

  • Mediation eliminates the contention involved in the adversarial process of litigation.

  • The courts can be very, very slow.

  • With mediation, there is an opportunity to use an expert in communication to help the parties resolve the dispute themselves.

  • Mediation preserves both productive business relationships and important family relationships.

  • Since the parties are the ones who know what gave rise to the dispute and what is really important to them, they are the ones who can do the best job of developing a workable solution.

  • Mediation keeps the parties to the dispute in control of the outcome — something that cannot happen if the case is decided by a judge.

  • The outcome in court is often uncertain.