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  • "My client is extremely satisfied with how the mediation turned out and wanted me to pass along his thanks to you both. Thank you for your hard work in resolving some very difficult issues. Know that you have a very satisfied customer on this side." ~Attorney

  • "Thank you for the excellent mediation service you provided today. I appreciate it very much." ~Attorney

  • "Nice job judge. My bet was no deal would happen. Good to lose that bet. Blessings and best regards." ~Attorney

  • "Tell Ray thanks again for settling a case neither client thought would settle. He is the best high conflict mediator in the state in my opinion." ~Attorney

  • “Thank you for your mediation services. When I met you, you made me feel extremely comfortable. I can’t express enough how much your professionalism, your calm demeanor, and your comforting tone made me feel. Yesterday went better than I ever could have hoped for, and I left mediation with the biggest weight off my shoulders. I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your wife for taking a very frightening ordeal for me, and turning it into the best experience I have had during my divorce process.”~ Client

  • “Thanks again, Ray and Becky! Excellent work today! We are grateful for your assistance.” ~Attorney

  • “Thank you for your mediation skills yesterday in facilitating a conclusion to our dispute. I appreciate your years of experience and service in our judicial system. It was a pleasure to meet you and your lovely wife.” ~Client

  • “Thanks Ray and Becky for the hard work. You are an excellent mediator Ray. You deserve every ounce of your fabulous reputation.” ~Attorney

  • “Thank you as always for your hard work in helping us reach a settlement!” ~Attorney

  • “You did a fabulous job yesterday. Your professional, empathetic and straight forward style made all the difference. I will be asking for your help in the future if I have another challenging case that needs your expertise.” ~Attorney

  • "Thank you again for such a well run mediation. I’m glad we were able to come to an agreement!” ~Attorney

  • “Thanks Ray. Good job today. My client is very happy with the settlement.” ~Attorney

  • “I wanted to thank you for the pivotal and critical role you played in mediating our divorce yesterday. It looked from the outset that we were in for a very long day and that we might not even be successful at wrapping things up. I feel that it was your inspiration and skill that turned things around. I couldn’t be any more happy than I was yesterday at the conclusion of mediation. I am still on cloud 9 today. It was a real pleasure to work with you and Becky and again can’t thank you enough for the outstanding work yesterday.” ~Client

  • “Thank you so much for resolving two complex cases for me this week. You did such a great job with both mediations.” ~Attorney

  • “Just a quick note to thank you for your mediation on Friday. It was a challenging case and I think your particular skills and experience made it a success. In particular thanks for the suggestion of a lump sum alimony. I now have a feeling of freedom to pursue my interests without having to look over my shoulder.” ~Client

  • “Thank you. You guys did amazing work today. You are the best team in the business.” ~Attorney

  • “Thanks for lending us your expertise in getting this done for us. Glad we can be a part of the high percentage of cases that you so effectively get settled.” ~Attorney

  • “Thanks for all of your efforts yesterday. It was a pleasure working with you.” ~Attorney

  • “Thanks for all of your hard work and patience yesterday. You guys did a fantastic job.” ~Attorney

  • “Thank you so much for your service in dealing with such difficult matters. It truly was a pleasure to work with you.” ~Client

  • “Thank you both for all the effort and hard work that you put forth in my behalf at mediation in January. I believe your professionalism made closure possible.” ~Client

  • “Thank you for your fairness in protecting the interests of both parties as you led us to a compromise.” ~Client

  • “I wanted to pause and thank you for the work you did to help resolve my legal matters in my divorce. You treated me like you knew I mattered. This has been missing from my life for a long time. You had a way of talking with me to help ease the pain.” ~Client

  • “Today I am thankful for the skills of a great mediator. It wasn’t the longest mediation I’ve been in, but it was one of the most emotionally draining ones I’ve ever had. Thanks Ray for your amazing work.”~Attorney

  • "Many thanks for your excellent help resolving this matter today. We are grateful for the manner in which you steered the discussions/negotiations." ~Attorney

  • “I wanted to write to express my deep and heartfelt gratitude to you for being our mediator. I appreciated your openness, your honesty, your sensitivity, and your ability to effectively communicate and negotiate.” ~Client

  • “I just wanted to thank you again for being so kind and helpful to me during mediation on Tuesday. I had been told by a friend in my ward that mediation was a waste of time (from personal experience). Nothing could have been further from the truth. I can see why Ron wanted to have you mediate. It was worth the wait. I left mediation feeling so grateful to have you and Ron helping and guiding me.” ~Client

  • “I can’t thank you enough for all you did to help resolve everything last week in mediation.  It was a pleasure to meet and work with you and your sweet wife.  Please pass my thanks along to her also.” ~Client

  • “Mahalo plenty for your superb negotiating skills in my divorce mediation in Ogden. Your tenacity to reach a settlement proved invaluable.” ~Client

  • “I would recommend former Judge Ray Harding as he is a highly skilled mediator possessed with much business savvy.  Also, he brings a transcriber with him who drafts the potential agreement as the parties mediate and resolve issues.” ~Attorney

  • “Ray is a breath of fresh air to work with.  He is so pleasant but really knows his stuff.  I really enjoy the process with him at the helm.” ~Attorney

  • “I have been using Ray in divorce mediation for several years.  He has risen to “the best” on my list because his success rate in this pass/fail business is exceptional.  He brings a rational, common sense approach to the table with patience and perseverance that allows him to settle cases where others have failed.” ~Attorney

  • “Thank you for your fantastic help in mediation today.  Even though the parties had previously mediated with a different mediator, their case had been set for trial because the parties had been unable to resolve this very complicated case.  You were able to add your experience as a judge with your caring and common sense and we reached a full and final settlement.  My client and I thank you for an amazing job!” ~Attorney

  • “I represented a client in mediation yesterday.  The mediation was not successful.  I know that if we had used your services we could have settled. I will have to insist on it next time.  I am glad we were able to schedule you for January.  You put your heart into helping the parties focus on the right issues to get to resolution.  No one works as hard as you do to get to a resolution.  Thanks for doing a great job.  You are a credit to our profession.” ~Attorney

  • “Whenever I have a case that I do not believe can be settled, I hire Ray Harding to mediate.  Every time, I have left the mediation amazed that Ray got the case settled.  Not only can Ray get people to agree, but Ray is extraordinary at making the size of the pie bigger for all of the parties involved in the mediation.  More than once, my clients have left getting a better deal than they expected going into the mediation” ~Attorney